9: Second First Book of a Series
Posted January 3, 2020
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Recorded December 14, 2019

This week Nate and Ryan decide to put 2019 to rest by talking about some of their favorite things from the past year. With a number of trips, movies, games, and a brand new (used) car; it has been an eventful one. Then, not learning from the disaster that was Ume Pepsi, they subject themselves to another new drink: Peach and Pear Tea Soda. The media this week was their pick of favorite book they read that was published in 2019 -- The Bayern Agenda by Dan Moren. In their discussion of the book, they talk about character development, world-building, and snark. Basically, everything that makes this an excellent second first book in a series.

Favorite Games

Favorite Movies of 2019

Favorite Movies / TV Shows Watched in 2019

Favorite Trips

Favorite New Thing

Peach & Pear Tea Soda

The Bayern Agenda

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