54: The Second Book Made Me Angry
Posted April 3, 2022
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Recorded February 27, 2022

This week, as a special treat, we have included one of our “not my hills” that are available to all of our members. On this one, Nate had Ryan watch Encanto, and Ryan gushes about how much he loves the music and lyrics to degree that might border on an existential crisis. In addition, this week they talk about their experiences with electricity and all it’s wonders. For the main media this week Nate had Ryan read two books and through it they discuss the importance of communication, well engineered cities, and ask themselves how are entire communities basing all their life decisions on the word of a 10-year old?

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Nate’s Stroller

Pokemon: Legends Arceus

Taste of Japan

Pick 2: Electrical Incidents

The City of Ember

The People of Sparks

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