31: We Live to Enrich Ourselves
Posted December 31, 2020
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Recorded December 5, 2020

“Outatime”. An iconic Delorian license plate. Also the center of most of Nate and Ryan’s discussions today. No, they are not talking about back to the future but other things that are “Out of time”. However, they first they talk about what is happening in their lives and try some rather interesting flavored foods. Then, Ryan talks about a game called the Sexy Brutale where a the player controls Lafcadio Boone, a preacher, trapped in a time loop where all the members of the party he is attending repeatedly die. After which, Nate and Ryan talk about some of the things in their own lives which seem to be out of time. Things that no longer fit in our modern society (at least not as much as they used to). Finally, for the main media, they discuss The Next Generation episode “The Neutral Zone” with the predominant side plot where three people from our time are woken up in the 24th century. Through the events of the show they discuss what makes human kind better than they are, the Borg vs. the Ferengi, Star Trek’s positive perception of the future, and why meddling passengers should just stay off the bridge.

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Coffee Machines

The Sexy Brutale


Pick 2: Items out-of-time

  • Nate: photo albums
  • Ryan: physical media for video games
  • Nate: Apple Newton
  • Ryan: physical books

Star Trek: The Next Generation, The Neutral Zone

Theme by Michael AD
used with permission

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