11: Wanting to Complete the Project
Posted February 15, 2020
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Recorded January 28, 2020

Feeling a bit eclectic, Nate and Ryan discuss a wide variety of topics. They begin by talking about some of their favorite board games, and Nate realizes the apparent value of a 40-year old game peripheral. They then talk about the iPad’s anniversary and their own history with the device. Ryan talks about games he’s been playing and how one investigates the dead with a magic pocket watch. For the media this week, Ryan suggests that Nate read a novella from one of his favorite authors: The Emperor’s Soul by Brandon Sanderson. Through the discussion about the book they talk about judgy grandfather figures, the true nature of things and the importance of seeing a project through to completion.

Ryan’s Favorite Board Games

Nate’s Favorite Board Games

iPad 10th Anniversary

Nata De Coco Mango Yogurt Drink

What Ryan’s been playing

The Emperor’s Soul

Theme by Michael AD
used with permission

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